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About Us
Thomas Rooney and sons Ltd are based at the foot of Slieve Binnian in the heart of the Mourne Mountains.
Thomas Rooney with his two sons Andrew and Brian at the restoration of and old Irish cottage in Kildare.
Thomas Rooney & Sons Fleet.

Based in the heart of Northern Ireland’s Mourne Mountains, themselves famous for their rich reserves of Mourne Granite, the company was founded by Thomas Rooney. A stonemason all his life who, although now retired, still plays a huge part in the running of the company and has passed his specialist skills on to his two sons Andrew and Brian.

With over 60 years experience and now in its fifth generation, Thomas Rooney & Sons Ltd continues to practice the traditional skills of dry Stone Walling and hand dressing that have been passed down decade after decade through generations of the same family.

The company now employs more than twenty highly skilled workers to help it meet the renewed demand for stonemasonry in the modern market, whether constructing entire buildings from stunning natural stone or building Entrance Wall, Pillars, Chimneys, Sunrooms, Fireplaces and Archways.

Changing Fashions and increasing awareness of architecture and aesthetics have meant that the Stonemasons are continually adapting and learning new skills, meeting new structural challenges and finding new ways of working with materials that existed since the dawn of time.

A solid grounding in time-honoured skills allows them to meld traditional materials and methods with modern design to create stunning homes with all the timeless beauty of natural stone.

The old ways, however, are still of huge importance at Thomas Rooney & Sons, not least because the company has been called on to assist with some of Northern Ireland’s most significant restoration projects including numerous church repairs and also the rebuilding of the famous Mourne Cottage and Byre at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum in Cultra.

The Company was also proud to have been entrusted with the restoration of sections of the Mourne Wall, one of the province’s best-known landmarks, after natural wear and tear coupled with pressure from hill walkers resulted in gaps appearing in the stonework over the years.

Whether painstakingly restoring a historical landmark building or embarking on an exciting new build project, to Thomas Rooney and Sons each and every project is a labour of love.

The Firm’s commitment to maintaining the traditional skills is testament to its respect for the generations of Stonemasons who went before, while their forward looking attitude and willingness to adapt will ensure that the company not only ahs a place in the modern building market, but that, like the very materials they use, Thomas Rooney & Sons Stonemasons will be around for a very long time to come.

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